Healthy Nutritous Diet Foods Grocery List

Living green means eating "green"--with  healthy, natural, locally-grown plant sources, vs. meat-based diets.  I've lost 96 pounds. I use several diet techniques including making healthy food swaps like the kind in Men's Health Eat This, Not That. Here's a grocery list of what should be in your shopping cart if you're trying to lose weight. It helps you save green, too! Healthy Diet Foods That Should Be in Your Shopping Cart

No-Sew Swag Drapes, Recycled Bed Sheet Curtains

Earth Day in April 22. But I celebrate it everyday. Frugal is my middle name. D, I and Y are my initials and resourceful is my main character trait. I'm always looking for ways to create expensive decor with recycled materials. Today's tip: reuse top sheets for no-sew swag curtains. When I buy a package of sheets or bed in a bag, I don't use the enclosed top sheets. For me, they are just something extra to wash and an extra step in the bed making process. So what do I do with all the extra top sheets? I have quite a few uses actually. Here's one.

DIY No-Sew Swag Drapes and Curtains with Recycled Bed Sheets 

Printable Vintage Easter Greeting Cards, Clipart

I love vintage clipart. You can make your own stationery and greeting cards and save a bundle with free printable images. Or you can make and send ecards. Save green and live green with Free Printable Vintage Easter Greeting Cards, Retro Nostalgic Clipart

Stations of the Cross Prayer Garden Plants, Shrubs, Bushes, Flowers

Prayer, meditation and devotion are not just cerebral activities. True prayer involves the whole person. Catholics use body gestures, sign of the cross. We kneel, we bow, genuflect and sometimes prostrate ourselves. Prayer is multisensory--we smell incense, hear chant, eat and drink the Precious Body and Blood of Jesus. The perfect setting for praying the Stations of the Cross is in a garden where you smell flowers, walk, kneel, hear birds. Here are suggestions to make a prayer garden. Lent and Easter Prayer Garden: Plants, Shrubs, Bushes and Flowers

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