Boxed Water is Better than Bottled Water in Plastic

Boxed Water Vs. Plastic Water Bottles: Green, Sustainable, Renewable, Recycled Products
Last year, when my family attended Festival of the Arts in Grand Rapids we discovered a nifty green alternative to disposable plastic water bottles: boxed water. Boxed Water is Better packages drinking water in paper cartons.
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Safe, Natural Healthy Green Spring Cleaning Kit

Natural Green Spring Cleaning Products Supply Kit
Spring cleaning=green. Or it should. Often, spring cleaning puts a drain on the environment with the use of toxic chemicals, cleansers and products. Want to create your own healthy, safe, green, eco-friendly cleaning kit? Here's an inexpensive recipe.
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Green Spring Cleaning: Eco-Friendly Stain Prevention and Removal

Green Eco-Friendly Stain Prevention and Removal: Blood, Wine, Tomato Sauce, Chocolate
The best way to treat stains is to prevent stains from taking hold in fabric. Green, eco-friendly stain prevention and removal involves using less earth-invasive techniques. Here are green tips for blood, chocolate, tomato sauce, wine and grass stains.
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Green Household Maintenance: 3M Scotchgard Product Review

Spring Cleaning Tips: 3M Scotchgard Fabric Protector Now Environmentally Friendly
3M Scotchgard is a fabric spray protector. Scotchgard was a household name when I was a kid. To 'Scotchgard' became a verb meaning to spray with Scotchgard to protect the fabric. Scotchgard is now made with environmenally friendly formula.
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