Make Arbor Day Tree Planting a Family Affair

 Arbor Day, celebrated on April 27 for 2012, is the older holiday from which "stems" (pun intended) our modern celebration of Earth Day. Arbor Day is traditionally observed by planting a tree and I say why not make this green activity a family affair? Besides being good for the environment, planting a tree together is a great bonding experience. Read more at Make Arbor Day Tree Planting a Family Affair 

'Caine's Arcade' is Good Green Fun with a Recycle Flair

According to Unplugged, 9-year-old Caine Monroy's taped-up "video game arcade" is tickling the fancy of the fickle internet viewers. The contraption is made from standard kid impedimenta -- recycle-bin cardboard, old electronic trinkets and bits salvaged from his father's car parts store. Using that juvenile blend of mechanical genius, masking tape and a willing suspension of the laws of physics, Monroy finagled the refuse into a homespun gaming station. I call it "childhood at its best." Here how Caine is living "green" and giving recycled a fun twist. Here's also how kids can do likewise. Read on 'Caine's Arcade' is Childhood as It's Meant to Be Lived 

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