Poinsettia and Holiday Plant Care

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season are all the lovely plants to enjoy. Sadly a live Christmas tree with it's pungent, spicy evergreen scent must come down. So too the wreaths and cut flowers. But even when all the holiday decorations have been packed away, there is no reason to discard those holiday plants. With proper care, you an enjoy your poinsettia for several months. Not only are the plants lovely to see, but your home will be healthier too with the nutrients that plants put into the environment. Read more...


How to Make Butter Easy and Inexpensive

Students of all ages love hands on learning activities. What better way to understand how something works than with interactive educational experiences? Making butter with your students teaching chemistry and science principles and it's great fun! Here's how to make butter easily in any educational setting with no special equipment. Here's how...

Free National Geographic 'Great Migrations' Lesson Plans

Free printable and online activities to follow up National Geographic's series 'Great Migrations'. NG 'Great Migrations' teaches about migratory patterns, habitat, biomes, predator-prey relationships, green living, biodiversity, ecology, environment and life science. Read more...

How to Help Your Cat When He is Sick

Understanding Your Cat's Behavior when He is Sick
Cats are sensitive creatures. They have the capacity for a wide variety of emotion: fear, embarrassment, shame, jealousy, pique and even have a rudimentary sense of humor. When your cat is ill, his behavior may surprise you. Here are ways to help him.
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Reuse Holiday Lights Year-Round for Green Decor

Holiday Lights: Green, Creative Ways to Use and Reuse
Don't you love the simple beauty of holiday lights? Strings of soft, delicate colors add a lovely ambiance. Use low wattage holiday lights year-round for decorating and design. Here's a list of green ways to use holiday lighting.
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Green, Recyled Harvest and Halloween Crafts

Eco-Friendly Recycled Halloween and Autumn Harvest Craft Ideas
Planning your annual Halloween or harvest party? Here are great fall themed crafts that focus on autumn harvest and non-spooky Halloween fun. Easy, inexpensive fall crafts using recycled materials.
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Green Home Winterization Tips that Save Heating Costs

Easy, Inexpensive Ways to Reduce Your Home Energy and Heating Costs
We've winterized homes and mobile homes and have learned many tricks along the way to reduce home heating costs. These DIY, 'on-a-shoestring' tips do not require large investments of money. Cut your energy consumption with these green ideas.
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Free Printable Color-Your Own Greeting Cards

Free Printable Coloring Page Greeting Cards for Children
Looking for a fun coloring project for your children? How about free printable color-your-won greeting cards. These greeting cards print in black and white so that children can enjoy coloring. Birthday, Halloween, Thank you, Get Well and more.
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Community Garden Provides Sustainable, Renewable Resources for Residents

Good Neighbors Community Garden Looking for Nature Lovers
Ferndale Michigan and its neighbor Oak Park, Michigan boast an exciting community venue for nature lovers, gardeners and those who care about our earth: the Good Neighbor Garden. GNG is a community garden and it needs you.
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Fruit Ridge Hayrides in Michigan: Pumpkin Patch, Apple Orchard

Fruit Ridge Hayrides Harvest Fest Apple Orchard, Pumpkin Patch Family Fun
There's no better place to be in fall than an apple orchard and pumpkin patch. Fruit Ridge Hayrides Fall Fest, September 18-October 31 serves up hayrides, corn maze, petting zoo, pony rides, fire engine rides, pig train, donuts and cider.
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Free Printable Bridal Shower Party Games

Free Printable Bridal Shower Games: Bingo, Word Games, Quizzes and More Throwing a bridal shower for a bride-to-be? Why not save time, energy and money by using free printable bridal shower games. Here are free printable bridal shower bingo games, word games, puzzles and more. All the best games for a great bridal shower.
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Free Printable Halloween Pumpkin Carving Stencils for Trick-or-treat

Free Printable Halloween Jack-o-Lantern Pumpkin Carving Stencils for Trick-or-Treat
Carving the traditional Halloween pumpkins is a time-honored rite of trick-or-treat. If you are looking for some unique, creative pumpkin carving stencils for your jack-o-lantern, you've come to the right place. Here are free printable pumpkin stencils.
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Green Indoor Living: Jiffy Professional Greenhouse Seed Starter Kit

Green Earth Day Garden Starter Kit: Jiffy Professional Greenhouse
In northern temperate zones, gardeners often start seeds indoors to prevent late frost destruction. There are many green, recycled ways to do this, but lacking adequate space, I tried a seed starter. Jiffy Professional Greenhouse kit.
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Green Clean Stain Removal Guide: Blood, Wine, Tomato Sauce, Chocolate, Grass

Green Eco-Friendly Stain Prevention and Removal: Blood, Wine, Tomato Sauce, Chocolate
The best way to treat stains is to prevent stains from taking hold in fabric. Green, eco-friendly stain prevention and removal involves using less earth-invasive techniques. Here are green tips for blood, chocolate, tomato sauce, wine and grass stains.
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Green Back-to-School Supplies: Instant Hand Sanitizer Spray

Back-to-School Shopping Must-Haves: Instant Hand Sanitizer Spray
Back-to-school shopping means more than just choosing shoes and a backpack. With the spread of H1N1, MRSA and other bacterial and viral infections, instant hand sanitizer spray makes is a preventative health maintenance must-have for school.
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Lady Greenwise Product Review: Burt's Bees Hand Salve

Burt's Bees Hand Salve Product Review
Since I've been struggling with eczema, I've been on a quest for healthy, natural, safe health and beauty products. Burt's Bees was the first place I turned for skin care products; Burt's Bees did not fail me. Burt's Bees Hand Salve is amazing.
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Free Printable Organizers, Schedules, Charts and Personal Planners

Free Printable Back-to-School Organizers, Planners and Craft Activities
'Back-to-School' has become a catch phrase in marketing. 'Back-to-school' sales, shopping guides and promotions abound. We all know where we can go to spend money, but how about some money savers? Free printable back-to-school activities.
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Free Printable BP Gulf Oil Spill Lesson Plans

BP Gulf Oil Spill: Ecology, Life Science and Environment Lesson Plans to Teach Students About Oil Spills
The BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill has been pouring 5,000-70,000 barrels into the gulf daily for almost a month. Life science, ecologyy, biology, environmental science, earth science and wildlife biology are excellent classes to explore the gulf oil spill.
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How to Clean the Kitchen Sink and Prevent Clogging

How to Prevent Your Sink from Clogging
No matter how many cool appliances fill your kitchen- dishwasher, garbage disposal, trash compactor, one problem remains for cooks: how to keep the sink from clogging. Here's a safe, green DIY guide to keep kitchen drains clean.
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Looking for Zen? Purge Your Clutter

Emotional Health Tips: Purge Your Clutter Purge the clutter. Get rid of useless junk. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. These are common phrases. What I'm going to discuss is not new. But it's important and bears repeating. Purging clutter both in the home and in life is a great emotional health boost. Read More

Summer Cat Care Tips

Healthy Summer Cat Care Tips to Keep Kitty Cool
Cats and other furry mammals are rumored not to feel the heat in summer. It has been said that a cat's fur insulates him from the heat. This is just an old wives tale. Cats not only feel the heat, they suffer the same health issues in summer as humans.
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Recycling Tips- Easy Recycling System

DIY Green Recycle Bin Organizer System
Recycling is important in our family. I don't mind recycling, but it's messy. I refuse to spend money buying special recycling organizers. Here's an easy green recycle bin organizing system.
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How to Keep Toilets and Sewer Lines Free of Tree Roots

How to Keep Toilets from Clogging and Prevent Tree Root Growth in Sewer Pipes
Toilets clog for many reasons. One common cause of plugged toilets and clogged sewer lines is that tree and plant roots grow in and around underground plumbing and sewers. Here are two handy DIY ways to keep tree roots from clogging the sewer.
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Green Home Safety: Clean Your Vents, Ducts, Filters

Home Safety Tips: Clean Your Filters, Ducts and Vents
My husband and I are avid home maintenance DIY-ers. We also practice preventative maintenance as a rule of thumb. One of our best home care safety and maintenance tips is a simple but oft over-looked practice. Vent, screen and filter cleaning.
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3M Scotchgard Fabric, Carpet, Clothing, Upholstery Protector

Spring Cleaning Tips: 3M Scotchgard Fabric Protector Now Environmentally Friendly
3M Scotchgard is a fabric spray protector. Scotchgard was a household name when I was a kid. To 'Scotchgard' became a verb meaning to spray with Scotchgard to protect the fabric. Scotchgard is now made with environmenally friendly formula.
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Cat Skin Conditons and Allergies from Flea Collar

Skins Conditions in Cats: Possible Allergy to Flea Collar
I've owned (or been owned by) cats all of my life. All my cats are happy, healthy indoor-outdoor cats. I have used flea collars on the cats. All the cats, except one responded well. Our youngest cat developed a rash while wearing a flea collar.
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