Why We Don't Get Flu Shot

We don't get flu shots. Never have. Here's why.

* Albumen allergy. I have one and you're not supposed to get flu shot if you have one. But beyond that....

* Ironically, I write this as husband came home sick. He has stomach flu which flu vaccines don't address. But it brings up a bone of contention with the pro-flu-vaccine crowd. They say we who don't get inoculated make them sick. But random vaccine and antibiotic dousing CREATES resistant superbugs. So it could be said that pro-shot folks make us sick.   Why We Do Not Get Flu Shot 

Do Not Forget Younkers Community Days Coupons Nov 15-16

If you bought Younkers Community Days coupon fundraiser coupon books, this weekend, November 15-16 are the days (the ONLY days) to use them. Remember, your book has a $10 off anything coupon. Use that one at least. And you can't use online, but you can purchase in-store day of sale and designate which school program you want the money to go to. Read one Remember Younkers Community Days Coupons Nov 15-16 

My Cat is Not Carrying His Weight

Our cat Scooter came to us malnourished. Now he is slightly...avoir du pois (cough, fat). But for all the girth, he's not carrying his weight around here. Whilst my husband and I slave away, to earn his daily salmon, mind, he does precisely nothing. Okay, he has rid the house of a few bats, but he is handsomely rewarded for every tiny deed. One catch and he expects a smorgasbord of treats, hours of petting. Here's a diary of his day compared to mine.  My Cat is Not Carrying His Weight

Catmeister Scooter--Lord of all he surveys (and doesn't)

I am not one of those crazy cat ladies (I am NOT), but I fear my husband is becoming one. You've heard the expression "dogs have owners but cats have staff?" My husband calls himself our cat Scooter's bit--, um servant. He buys the litter, changes the box, buys the cat food (only a certain kind will do for His Nibs). Hubs (Albert) informs me there's a certain ritual (bonding, not mating) for feeding. Scooter must have a "full body, nose to tail tip" massage (yes, Alb describes it like that). That's the dry cat food part. For the moist, I must feed it (minced on a small glass plate, please). Then dad must give the cat milk (I know, not good for kitties, yada yada--try telling that to Catmeister and his love slave). So we compromise. Dad gives him a small splash of lowfat.   Catmeister Scooter--Lord of all he surveys (and stuff he doesn't)

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