Harvest Superfood Recipes Indian Squash with Apples

I have lost 86 pounds and have been writing a series on How I lost weight. I write a diet recipe of the day. In honor of my favorite season, fall, here's a harvest favorite. It includes two of my favorite Michigan produce offerings: apples and squash. And features exotic Indian spices. It's low-calorie, kosher, vegan, halal and uses superfoods. Diet Recipe of the Day Squash Apple Masala Bake

Diet Tip: Eat Mostly Veggies and Fruit, Locally Grown Preferrably

I've lost 83 pounds, 40 in the last 5 months. I've been writing a series of articles on +How-I-lost-weight using Diet recipe of the day and Diet tip of the day tags. Diet wisdom varies on fats, starch, meat, salt, dairy--which are the worst for weight loss. Sometimes dairy is the culprit. Then health gurus say it's starch. From my experience, it's not so much about what you don't eat as what you do. Diet Tip of the Day: Eat Mostly Veggies and Fruit - News

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