Convert Old TV Aerial Antennae into a Wind Turbine

T here's not much my DIY husband can't do. A small-scale Renaissance guy. He's been researching alternative energy. He's always looking to repurpose and recycle. He shared an idea that was nothing short of genius: turn our old two story TV antennae into a wind turbine. And he wants to expand the wind farm to help our sister parish in Haiti. We May Convert Our Old TV Aerial Antennae into a Wind Turbine 

Diet Recipe Meatless, Sugarfree, Gluten-Free (Taste Great) Breakfast Salad

I'm compiling gluten-free, sugarfree and meatless recipes for Lent. That's a season when we Catholics give up things that are bad for us. My gang has sworn off meat and I'm dieting. So what about breakfast? Must it necessarily include meat, sugar or bread? Nope. I eat breakfast salads. And before you shout "BLECHH!!!"

try a bite.   Diet Recipe Meatless, Sugarfree, Gluten-Free (Taste Great) Breakfast

Diet Recipe Vegan Garam Masala for Lenten Kitchen

 It's Lent for us Catholics. I'm not giving up any particular food, but I am dieting. I have lost 95 pounds. And my husband and daughter have given up meat. So I made a vegan Indian masala. Each one-cup serving has about 100 calories, little fat and 10 grams of protein. It's similar to butter chicken. Diet Recipe Vegan Garam Masala for Lent - News - Bubblews

Free Crafts and Printables for St Patricks Day, Easter

Live green and save green. Use free resources and services. One of my favorite is free printable kids' activities. I find printables all over the web. One of my favorite sites is Martha Stewart. You can print crafts for every holiday including upcoming St. Patricks Day and Easter. There are printable templates, patterns, stencils, cut and paste, decorations, greeting cards.  This image is from Pic Gifs. Free Crafts and Printables from Martha Stewart

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