Easy Green Recycled Holiday Gifts to Make for Homebound, Seniors, Bird Watchers

Bird feeders are some of the easiest crafts to make for holiday gifts. Bird feeders are inexpensive, eco-friendly gifts that will delight anyone on your holiday gift list, especially grandparents, shut-ins, elderly and homebound. Bird watching is something everyone can enjoy. Those who cannot get out as often or who are homebound will enjoy a little bird-feeder hung right in their kitchen or bedroom window. Here are several simple homemade bird feeders to make from your recycle bins. These make excellent school, scout troop or Sunday School holiday crafts. Read more

Save Big Money on Electric Bills with Simple, Green Tweaks

 'Green' is the buzzword for this decade. Living green means using less electricity. Electricity, which has never been a terribly expensive utility, is now escalating in price with all the other utilities. Our electric bills have doubled in the past 5 years despite the fact that we have installed every energy saving device possible. Here are 25 easy ways to counteract the rising costs of energy by reducing usage.  read more

Holiday Clean Up Tips-- Avoid Garage Sales, Donate Used Items, Get Tax Credit

I'm not lazy, but I don't like working needlessly. Spring cleaning, purging and weeding closets is torture enough. But to lug it all to the basement in anticipation of having a garage sale is overwhelming. Here's my solution: Donate garage sale fodder and take the tax credit. Having a garage sale is exhausting, time-consuming and labor intensive. And that's if you have a garage. I do not. I have a yard which I must somehow convert into an open air market, if I'm to hold a garage sale and sell my used goods. It's not cost-effective or energy efficient. For holiday clean up or spring cleaning donations, read more

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