Summer Cat Care Tips

Healthy Summer Cat Care Tips to Keep Kitty Cool
Cats and other furry mammals are rumored not to feel the heat in summer. It has been said that a cat's fur insulates him from the heat. This is just an old wives tale. Cats not only feel the heat, they suffer the same health issues in summer as humans.
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Recycling Tips- Easy Recycling System

DIY Green Recycle Bin Organizer System
Recycling is important in our family. I don't mind recycling, but it's messy. I refuse to spend money buying special recycling organizers. Here's an easy green recycle bin organizing system.
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How to Keep Toilets and Sewer Lines Free of Tree Roots

How to Keep Toilets from Clogging and Prevent Tree Root Growth in Sewer Pipes
Toilets clog for many reasons. One common cause of plugged toilets and clogged sewer lines is that tree and plant roots grow in and around underground plumbing and sewers. Here are two handy DIY ways to keep tree roots from clogging the sewer.
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Green Home Safety: Clean Your Vents, Ducts, Filters

Home Safety Tips: Clean Your Filters, Ducts and Vents
My husband and I are avid home maintenance DIY-ers. We also practice preventative maintenance as a rule of thumb. One of our best home care safety and maintenance tips is a simple but oft over-looked practice. Vent, screen and filter cleaning.
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