Green, Creative Ways to Wrap Presents

Unique Containers for Gift Baskets: Make the Container Part of the Gift
Why do we always put gift basket items in a basket? Because baskets are creative and useful containers? Here's a gift basket idea that makes the container part of a personalized gift. Below is a list of alternative gift containers.
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How to Choose a Christmas Tree

Choosing a Christmas Tree: Pine, Spruce, Fir, Hemlock or Cedar?
A Christmas tree is a Christmas tree, right? Wrong. There are several different varieties of evergreen grown for use as Christmas trees. Here is a guide to choosing a Christmas tree, based on style, allergic properties, ease of decoration and cost.
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How to Keep Cats Safe and Warm in Winter

How to Keep Cats Healthy, Warm and Safe in Winter and Snow
I'm like Siegfried Farnon, the vet in James Herriot's All Creatures Great and Small. I don't believe people should own pets but I have three cats, a guinea pig and a gecko. Winter presents several problems for indoor and outdoor pets.
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How to Keep Pipes and Plumbing from Freezing in Winter Ice and Snow

How to Prevent Plumbing and Pipes from Freezing in Winter
My husband and I live for ten years of our marriage in a mobile home. One of the common maintenance problems in mobile home is frozen plumbing and pipes in winter. Here is what we have learned to do to prevent pipes from freezing.
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