Spring Cleaning with Lemon Juice

Spring Cleaning with Lemon Juice: Green, Safe and Effective
Spring Cleaning with lemon juice: the safe, non-toxic and natural way to clean, shine, lighten, sanitize and deodorize in the kitchen, bath, nursery, garage, basement, etc. Many cosmetic uses as well. Pair lemon juice with baking soda for a dynamo scrubbing wipe. 20+ eco-friendly uses.
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Vehicle Maintenance for a Green Car!

20 Vehicle Maintenance Tips
20 things to check, refill, change or replace on your vehicle regularly. Your car runs cleaner, greener and meaner when you practice these simple vehicle maintenance tips!
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Green Clean with Safe Natural Products

Clean Green: Replace Toxic Household Cleaners with Eco-Friendly Products for Safe, Natural Cleaning
Stock your cleaning cupboard with these simple, natural household cleaners. Keep the family healthy and safe by avoiding harmful chemical cleaners, disinfectants and polishes.
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Easy Ways to Lower Water Bills 30 Percent or More

Save 30% on Your Water or Sewer 25 easy ways to reduce the amount of water your family uses and lower your water and sewer bills by 30%. View more »

Save Money on Electric Bills

Save Big Money on Electric Bills 25 Ways to reduce energy consumption and lower electric bills. 25 easy ways to cut costs and live green. View more »

College Dorm Room for under $500

Back-to-School Guide: College Student Dorm Room for Under $500 Overview of the most useful items to buy or bring with you as you move into your college dorm. Pricing guide to buy products at the best prices. These tips can save you about $30 per day on food, beverage, coffee costs alone. View more »

Keep Cool Without AC

Keep Your Home Cool This Summer the 'Green' Way Without Air Conditioning
Tips for keeping it cool in your house without air conditioning. View more »

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