Easy, DIY, Recycled Cardboard Play House for Preschool Learning Center Practical Life Area, Homeschool or Just Home!

Uh-uh, the long winter doldrums are here and parents of youngsters feel it most of all. All that energy and only so much can be burned off in damp, cold weather. But children are also wonderfully imaginative. If you give them an old box and tell them to pretend it's a car, they will enjoy hours of fun in their 'Maserati'. Likewise, you can create an entire practical life area for your homeschool or preschool classroom learning center. All you need is a refrigerator box, available in dumpsters behind appliance stores like Best Buy, Sears, etc. A refrigerator box is a wonderful thing. It's green, versatile, sturdy enough for what it's for and able to be recycled when you're finished with it. My father once made me an entire play house full of furniture with cardboard boxes. You can make these crafts super easy and darn-near-free with recycled boxes. I guarantee you--you'll have to serve meals in the play house, they'll love it that much. And no more, "Mommy, Daddy, I'm bored" will you hear. Read more at Easy, DIY, Recycled Cardboard Play House for Preschool Learning Center Practical Life Area

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