Diet Recipe Root Veggie Leftover Use Up Soup

I'm working to get the last 12 pounds off from 100 gained over the last nine years. I hit a plateau in weight loss after losing nearly 90 pounds. Every day I write a diet recipe of the day post and a diet tip to share how I lost weight. Today's tip is: mix it up. So I'm sharing an unconventional recipe

Root Veggie Leftover Use Up Soup--ingredients will vary depending on what root vegetable leftovers you have to use up. First, collect any and all vegetable leftovers: squash, sweet potatoes, potatoes (any color), onions, scallions, carrots, parsnips, turnips, rutabagas. You know, those bags of chopped onions mouldering in the fridge. Those withered carrots and sweet potatoes, those cooked potatoes you need to use up. Then read on for recipes  Diet Recipe Root Veggie Leftover Use Up Soup

Washing Machine Maintenance Tips I Almost Overlooked

 I was doing a load of wash today. As I was putting the clothes in the machine, I noticed filth build up on the tank and agitator. I use liquid fabric softener which can create sticky residue if used with cold water. That collects dirt and clings to the basin. I regular clean that away, but today I looked a little deeper. I saw that same sticky dirt collected under the rim of the tank. Washing machine tanks are like toilet bowls, which also collect yuck just under the rim.Washing Machine Maintenance Tips I Almost Missed

Home Furnace and Appliance Maintenance Tips

We just discovered a problem with our furnace and so I wrote about getting a furnace tune-up before winter. The blower switch had gone out on ours and it's going to cost about $50 to fix. It's a do-it-yourself job for anyone who's relatively handy (luckily both sons and husband are). The tune-up we're leaving to HVAC professionals. That's a little more intensive job. But there's another DIY job you can and should do with your furnace, in fact all your appliances: clean or replace furnace filters. Dirty filters blow dust back into the air. This is not only messy, it's unhealthy and unsanitary. It wreaks havoc with allergies. Dirty filters pose fire hazards. Read moreDIY Furnace and Appliance Maintenance Tips

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