Fire Hazard, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Precautions for Winter Weather

Winter weather means increased risk of fire hazard and carbon monoxide poisoning from home heating and cooking sources. Increased use of supplemental heating or cooking units in cold weather and during power outages pose significant safety risks. The biggest offenders are portable space heaters, electric blankets and electric sheets. Electric heating units cause safety risks in several ways. First, plugs can spark and cause fires. Sometimes electric heaters and blankets require extra energy to heat causing them to overheat and short. Heating elements in space heaters can cause fires and property damage. Electric blankets and sheets have electric current running through them. This puts them at risk for catching fire, causing injuries and damage to property. Home heating issues result in 33,000 fires annually and approximately 180 fire deaths per year.  Please, keep yourself and your family safe. Read this information. Fire Hazard, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Precautions for Winter Weather

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