Harambe gorilla killing: Cincinnati Zoo mom Michelle Gregg not guilty of neglect

The Cincinnati Zoo mom Michelle Gregg whose 3-year-old son fell in the Gorilla World exhibit is not guilty of child neglect reported CNN Wire on June 6. But a lot of people blame her for the gorilla killing. They want criminal charges pressed against Michelle Gregg in the death of Harambe, a rare silverback gorilla. 500,000 people have signed a "Justice for Harambe" petition against Michelle Gregg. There's a Facebook page devoted to getting Michelle Gregg prosecuted. But investigators cleared Michelle Gregg of child neglect. Her defenders offered to start a fund to help but the family declined. They asked that any donations be made to the Cincinnati Zoo in honor of Harambe.  Harambe gorilla killing: Cincinnati Zoo mom Michelle Gregg not guilty of neglect | Examiner.com

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