NFWF grants $3.3M to help monarch butterflies: Monsanto aids butterfly habitats |

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation announced Monday that it is giving money to restore lost butterfly environments. According to a Sept. 28 press release, the NFWF will grant $3.3 million to help monarch butterflies. Big ag company Monsanto will fund restoration of migratory butterfly habitats lost to chemical pesticides. Other monies come from the Monarch Butterfly Conservation Fund. The total will be divided into 22 grants given to support of initiatives working to restore 33,000 acres of monarch butterfly habitats. It doesn't come a moment too soon: 60 billion butterflies once decorated the skies with their signature orange and black wing patterns. That population has shrunk to 1 billion over the past 20 years.   NFWF grants $3.3M to help monarch butterflies: Monsanto aids butterfly habitats

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