Diet Recipe Root Veggie Leftover Use Up Soup

I'm working to get the last 12 pounds off from 100 gained over the last nine years. I hit a plateau in weight loss after losing nearly 90 pounds. Every day I write a diet recipe of the day post and a diet tip to share how I lost weight. Today's tip is: mix it up. So I'm sharing an unconventional recipe

Root Veggie Leftover Use Up Soup--ingredients will vary depending on what root vegetable leftovers you have to use up. First, collect any and all vegetable leftovers: squash, sweet potatoes, potatoes (any color), onions, scallions, carrots, parsnips, turnips, rutabagas. You know, those bags of chopped onions mouldering in the fridge. Those withered carrots and sweet potatoes, those cooked potatoes you need to use up. Then read on for recipes  Diet Recipe Root Veggie Leftover Use Up Soup

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